My Daughter Was Raised On Semen

My daughter likes cum. She should, she was raised on it. I taught her how to suck cock when she was four, and she's 11 now. At one point last year, I estimated that my daughter had drank over 2 gallons of sperm in the last seven years. About half of that was mine. You think I'm lying, but I don't care if you do. This is truly how it happened.

It's not some stupid Internet flame-bait or sissy boy fantasy, it's the real thing. While most of the people in these groups beat off to the idea of doing a little girl, I have the guts to actually do it.

See, I've always had two fetishes: Little girls and semen. Ever since I first ejaculated, I've been somewhat turned on by cum. I masturbated often as a teenager; two or three times a day, so sperm and I were very familiar with each other. Mainly, I just liked, and still like, to watch a woman drink cum. Everyone I've ever had sex with more than twice has eaten my cum (or I never saw her again). My first wife was a real good sport and would do about any spermy thing I suggested. She ditched me three years after we were married for some Hollywood producer type, leaving me with a three year old girl.

When I was 12 or 13, I molested a couple of neighborhood 6 year olds. They acted as if they had a good time getting their pussies felt up in that old garage (and they even appeared to enjoy jacking off my cock). So naturally I often wished I could live through it again. Well, when my daughter, Marika, was four, a year after my wife left, I realized that having my own daughter was the chance I'd been waiting for, as sick as that sounds to most people.

I thought it over for a couple of months. I analyzed the consequences. And the benefits! I came up with an action plan to turn my daughter into the sperm-loving sex machine I'd always wanted. I decided to start by teaching her what big girls do, play with themselves. She loved it when I would rub her little clit with my little finger all lubed up with KY, although she didn't orgasm until she was 9. I encouraged her to masturbate often. I'd even ask her if she'd masturbated that day when I'd put her to bed. Often I would watch her sitting with her hand in her panties while we watched TV. She told me she even did it at school sometimes under her desk while no one was looking, which I then encouraged because hearing about it really turned me on.

My next step was to introduce her to the world of vibrators. On her fifth birthday, I brought out the smallest vibrator they had at my local sex shop. I spent several nights teaching her how to use it, but I never gave it to her. I said it was something we were going to share and that she couldn't have it until she really knew how to use it. So, since she loved it, she came asking for it just like I'd planned. Only by this point, she had to earn the vibrator.

Right after we started with the vibrator, I showed her how to rub my cock. She started with KY on her tiny hands, sliding them up and down on the cockshaft. After I came, we would play with the cum and gradually smear it all around on my chest. This was to show her that cum was fun, and that I wasn't grossed out about it (like most guys are). We talked about how everyone has fun with cum. By the third time we did that, she was just as excited about how much and when I came as I was.

So, I decided the next step was for me to cum on her tummy so we could smear it around on her skin. By then, we were messing around every night when I put her to bed. About the fifth time I'd cum on her hands, I shot again on her chest. Only this time I bent down and made a big show of lapping up my own cum from her skin. I'm not that crazy about the taste myself, but I'm willing to do it if it will help convince a female to do it for me. (And sometimes I love to suck my cum from the pussy I fucked, as a show of appreciation they don't soon forget.) I acted like I'd never tasted it before. After I was done licking it all up, she asked what it tasted like and I told her that it wasn't bad, but not good. But I also said that most girls say they grow to love it.

The next time, I didn't suggest she try it. I was hoping she'd just do it, and she did. I shot on her chest, she rubbed her fingers in the cum, then brought one up and licked it. I about came again! It was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen; my baby girl tasting her father's cum for the first time. I wish I had a video of that time!

She screwed up her face and said, "yuck."

"You'll get used to it sweetheart," I said. I rewarded her with another orgasm at the hands of Mr. Vibrator.

The very next night, I went down on her for the first time. She loved it, but it sort of tickled her more than made her sexually stimulated.

"Now it's your turn," I said.

I suggested she treat my cock like a lollypop and lick it up and down, which she did for several minutes. I also had her cup her little hand around my balls and squeeze them gently, but she often forgot to do this and I would have to hold her hand in mine and lead her.

Finally, I had her put as much of the head into her mouth as would fit. And then I taught her to jack off the big cock sticking out of her face, while I verbally coached her to suck hard. I kept my hand around my cock over both of hers so that I was insured of the correct pressure, and in about a minute, I came hard. She didn't expect such an explosion I guess and pulled her mouth off the head. I shot another squirt right onto her lips and nose, yelling, "put it back in your mouth! Open your mouth!" So she opened her mouth and I had just put the tip inside when I shot again. "Swallow it," I yelled.

She obediently swallowed just as I shot another hot squirt. She appeared to get that one down also, but the fifth or so was too much, so I pulled out and dribbled the rest down her nose and cheeks and lips. Cum from my fifth squirt dripped out her lips. I had completely covered my little girl's face in hot sperm! Fucking amazing!

"Oh, you were so good," I said to her. "You made Daddy shoot so hard. Oooh, you look so pretty with cum on your face. Go look in the mirror!"

She got up and ran to the mirror on the bedroom wall and looked at herself draped in white. I walked over to her and began to rub the cum around on her cheeks and nose and lips. She smiled at me in the mirror and I knew I was going to get to do this again, maybe many more times.

And many more times I did. I got really busy for awhile with working and only got the chance to "practice" with Marika a couple of times a week. But I had her into being a cocksucking pro within a couple of months. And best of all, she said she really liked to do it. Imagine! A five year old who loves to suck cock and eat cum! Yes, that was my Marika.

I never forced her, and she would often initiate our sex play. I would lick her pussy for hours, even stick my little finger in her while I did. Or I'd do gooey vibro rubs with a KYcovered vibrator. She loved it, and she wanted to do it almost every time she went to bed. So, I started having her sleep in my bed so that after I'd blown a hot load down her throat, we could both cuddle and go to sleep. And that's the way it went for a long time.

As fetishes do, I started to get deeper into it with Marika. I came on her face, or on her pussy, and watched her rub it in. I came on a saucer and watched her suck the cum up with a straw, and I came on a spoon and spoonfed her cum when she was six.

Also when she was six, I started showing her porno films and magazines. I picked the raunchiest, cummiest ones, too. I wanted her to see women drowning in cum and loving it, so I picked the gang bang videos and mags. Of course, I had to explain all about sex then, and she was very curious. But there was no way I was trying vaginal penetration of any kind with a six year old, so I told her she would have to be older for that. At least 8, for Chrissakes!

You see, it was never enough! I became sexually obsessed with watching Marika drink cum. My cum just wasn't enough. Ever...I always wanted more cum for my baby. And she did too. Sometimes we'd even save up 10 or 12 cums in a jar in the freezer, then thaw it and I'd feed it to her, helping myself to some as well.

I decided to add some fun to our little lovenest when she was 7 by getting a German Shepherd. I've always felt that they have the best sized cocks for sucking, and I was hoping to get Marika into the idea of drinking doggie cum. As soon as the dog moved in, I taught her to jack him off. I had her lie down on the floor with her head against the couch in the TV room, which had a rug that could be pushed back so fluids couldn't ruin it. The dog then stood over her and I had her massage his cock out of its sheath and then showed her what I'd seen in a bestiality video to jack him off. He and she both loved it. Since she was clothed, this time, I had her move the cock away from her body so she wouldn't get coated, and he started dripping precum right away. After about four minutes, he squirted a ton of cum on the floor, which delighted Marika to watch. I was hoping she'd try to taste it then, but I didn't suggest it and she didn't do it.

I told her how dogs needed to have their balls drained almost every day, just like Daddy did, and if she wanted to keep a pet, she would have to take care of him. She seemed to understand, and thus began a long relationship between Marika and doggie cock that still goes on today. Meanwhile, I could count on a blowjob every night, but it would always cost me a cuntlapping or a vibrating. Sometimes, particularly on the weekends, we would do it once in the afternoon also, and it was on one of these times, down on the living room floor, that I decided to show her how to suck the dog's cock. I didn't really know how, never having done it, but I tried it anyway. Basically, I just put my head against the couch and let the dog hump my mouth, keeping my hand around the shaft to keep it from going too far in. It worked and he came in no time. I made a big show of letting the cum ooze out of my mouth as he shot. It tasted better than my cum, and I told her that. It was also obvious that the dog would cum much more than me.

"Next time, you can do it while I lick your peepee," I told her.

"Okay," Marika said excitedly.

Marika took to sucking the dog regularly. I showed her other ways to suck him, and also had her jack his cum off onto her where we would rub it around on her. That often turned me on so much that I had to shoot in her mouth also, so many was the night when my baby drank what amounted to a small glass of cum before bedtime. I always encouraged her to drink as much of the sperm as she could, telling her it was good for her, and there was always plenty for her.

Of course, meanwhile, I also encouraged her to masturbate often, and she would have her hand in her panties much of the time she was home. When we'd take camping vacations together, she would masturbate in the car or let me masturbate her as we drove. It was hot! Our vacations always involved lots of oral sex.

I started to penetrate her little pussy with the vibrator before her seventh birthday, getting it in almost an inch. I told her she needed to start working it inside her more and more each day if she wanted to experience my dick in there, and we talked about her hymen and how she had to break it eventually and how it would hurt but would heal fast. She really did start to work at it during her masturbation sessions. I showed her how to use the vibrator inside with her left hand while her right fingers worked her clit for the ultimate experience. Or, I would use it in her while sucking her clit. It was great fun. But the vibrator was so short, there was little chance of breaking her hymen.

For her eighth birthday, I gave her a much larger vibrator; about the size of a 14 year old boy's cock, I'd say. It was about four and a half inches long and maybe an inch in diameter, if that. I knew she understood why I gave her that, but I didn't say anything more about breaking her cherry. I just hoped she would take care of that for us.

Also about that time, I really wanted to see her suck another man and drink his cum. Sure the dog was great, and I even volunteered to watch a neighbor's dog when they went away and had Marika suck him too. And sure we continued to have a great amount of cum play with my cock, but like all addictions, I just wanted more. But I couldn't think of a way to hook up with other men who would enjoy a blowjob by an eight year old. If I'd had the Internet three years ago, then I wouldn't have had any problem, but I wasn't able to fulfill that fantasy until this last summer.

About midway between her eighth and ninth birthdays, Marika showed me one night that she could get the larger vibrator almost all the way in! Her hymen had broken. I was so excited, but I decided to wait until her ninth birthday to penetrate her with my cock. So, I contented myself with fucking her with the vibrator every chance I could. I liked to start off some nights by having her jerk my cock onto her pussy, then I'd fuck some cum inside her with the vibrator and rub her clit with the cum as lube. More than once, I had her jerk off the dog on her pussy instead and that was really a turnon for both of us. More times than not, I came in her mouth, but I'd also cum in the crack of her ass, on her chest, neck or face, and even in her hair. When I came on her front side, I would often scoop up the cum on my fingers and feed it to her bit by bit until it was all cleaned. Or sometimes we'd just rub it around on her and let her fall asleep with congealing cum still sticking to her pretty little body. It was so hot! And she treated it as just good fun! My plan had worked; I had made my own cum-loving little nymphette!

For her ninth birthday, we made a big deal out of it. We got a room at the beach and that night, I got my dick in the tightest pussy you could imagine. And Marika had her first real orgasm. After that, she wanted to do it all the time, and she'd tire me out. Twice a day wasn't enough; she wanted to cum all the time. I wanted her to be able to take the German Shepherd's prick, but I was worried his knot might hurt her, so I didn't suggest it. But we did involve the dog in our sex, particularly with Marika sucking the dog while I did her doggy style.

Under my tutelage and protection, we did finally get her able to take the dog. I showed her how to lie on her back under the dog with her ass on a pillow so she could put her hands on the dogs hind legs and push against him as he tried to get the knot in. He's learned not to even try now. Marika does the dog a couple of times a week now, usually after school before I've got home. We also involve the dog in some three way action, with her pussy getting fucked by the dog or me while she sucks the other. She also sucks or jacks off the dog whenever he expresses interest. She understands the responsibility of pet ownership.

So now Marika is 11 and sex crazy. I try to keep her satisfied, but the dog has to make up for me when I just can't do it as much as she needs. But, to me, the important thing is my plan worked: I have a little cumslut like I always wanted. Like with all my sex partners, I only come inside Marika about 20% of the time, preferring instead to shoot in her mouth or on her body. But almost every time I do cum in her, I stick my fingers in her pussy afterward, scoop up some cum, and feed it to her. Or she'll squat over my stomach and after the cum dripps out, lick it up. Or I even have her squat over my hand, then give her a palmful. Always, I have her clean my cock with her mouth. She is such a good sport compared to some other women I'd been with, it is refreshing!

Well, that's the story. My future plans include sharing her with another guy if I can find one, and maybe with more than one dog at once.