Comforting My Pregnant Sister


Sex has always been one of my main interests. From the time I was old enough to imagine about it, until now at age 51, I still find sex to be one of the best things in the world. My oldest sister introduced me to sex when I was 13, my youngest sister gave me her cherry when she was 13 and I was 15. I have had sex with most of my female relatives and had fantasies about most of the others. My middle sister, Mary, was different. I had made several overtures toward her, but had met only with rejection. I had just about given up when opportunity knocked. Being the horny devil that I am I opened the door and let it in.
Mary was never a beauty. She was not bad to look at but did not have the looks of my other two sisters. She was nice looking, but was not a cheerleader type. She was very studious and did well in school. She had a lot of academic interests and was not at home as much as the other girls. She dated a little, but nothing that seemed to serious. She finally began dating a local boy and they fell "in love" and got married. It wasn't too long before the marriage was in trouble and she was pregnant. Finally her husband left for parts unknown (we didn't find him again until after her divorce was final.) Mary came back home to live because she was pregnant and didn't have a job. My folks were fairly wealthy so it wasn't a problem.
One afternoon, I came home from working on the family farm. It seemed like no one was home, so I went into the kitchen to get a beer. It was hot and plowing is hot dry work. One the way to the kitchen, I heard someone crying. I made my way to the back part of the house and found Mary in tears in the family room. She looked as though she had been bawling for sometime. Her eyes were swollen and red. I immediately thought that something had happened to the baby and went to check it out.
I took her in my arms and held as she cried. When I got closer I could see that nothing was wrong with her physically. So I just let her cry herself out. After what seemed like an hour, she stopped crying and just laid there in my arms.
"I'm so ugly and fat. No wonder Jeff left me here. Why couldn't I have been like the other girls? They have always had guys hanging around and paying attention to them. Even you spend a lot of time with them. What's wrong with me?" she asked through her tears.
"Mary, don't be so hard on yourself, you know I have always thought you were pretty." I replied as I continued to hold her and to stroke her back.
"I know that you and Betty and Janice have been together, but you never have with me...." she started.
"You know I've tried, you are the one who always said no."
She burst out in a new tirade of tears. I felt sorry for the accusative tone of my voice, but it had just slipped out.
I began to stroke her neck and back as I held her. Soon she quit crying and seemed to settle down a little. I continued my caresses and ventured to touch one of her swollen breasts. She whimpered a little, but did not stop me or move my hand. I continued to rub and touch her, becoming more bold as she allowed me to do what I had wanted to do for years. About that time, the baby kicked. We both felt it because of our embrace.
"She likes what you are doing to her momma," Mary giggled. "I kind of like it too."
With that our lips met and we began to kiss. My explorations got a little bolder as I slipped my hand under her blouse to fondle her huge breasts. She placed her hands on top of mine through her clothes and encouraged me to continue my massage. "Rub my back, it hurts a little," she pleaded. I moved one of my hands to do as she requested. We continued to kiss and I found myself very aroused by her hot kisses. She is one of the best kissers that I have ever kissed.
She tentatively touched my stiffening cock. It was as though she had discovered a new toy. She fumbled with the zipper of my Levis but eventually found the treasurer she sought. As she freed me cock, I undid her bra and with one move took her maternity top off. Her nipples were standing erect and I moved my lips to take first one and then the other. She was not yet lactating but her tits were swollen and she really moved into my mouth as I sucked and licked.
I moved my hands down past the elastic in her shorts. I could feel the heat from her pussy long before I reached the slit. As I began to stroke her clit, she pulled her shorts and panties off. There before me was my naked, pregnant sister. I knew I wanted to fuck her, but had never fucked a pregnant woman before. She must have sensed my confusion because she said, "Lay back, and I'll get on top."
She lowered herself on to my raging cock and began to move very slowly, savoring ever moment of our contact. She soon gradually picked up speed and began to fuck in earnest. This was the most incredible feeling I had ever had. We built to our peaks together. Soon we were both cumming. We continued to fuck, slower and with more feeling as soon we had crossed the threshold again.
Mary and I continued our relationship throughout her pregnancy and beyond. We fucked so much when she was pregnant that I was surprised that her daughter, Sue was not born pregnant. With only a short break, when she remarried and moved away we have loved one another for over 30 years. We resumed our relationship when she divorced her second husband. She was pregnant with her third child. We continued to fuck to this day.