Filling Mom's Panties


Friday Night…

His words were crystal clear; "Fuck Mom your panties feel…feel so…so fucking good on my big cock! " she heard him saying as she quietly pushed the door open. It was the biggest hard-on she had ever seen and his tennis-sized balls were proportionally as large. She watched in awe as her son pushed his horse-sized cock across the lining of her favorite pink panties. "Get read…ready Mom, cause you're gonna get, get a fuck of a load tonight!" he screamed as he snagged his nuts with the ass of her sheer panties. "Fuck your cunt looks so hot under those panties Mom. Oh fuck yeah, see what happens when you tease me with that tight ass of yours. Get read, ready Mom…I'm gonna, gonna fill, fill your…your panties," he stuttered as he tugged his sweaty balls upward.

The "flip, flip, flip" sound of his balls slapping against his legs was enough to send her over the edge, but his orgasm was one she would never forget. Stroking the underside of his cock with his open hand, he held her panties high and screamed, "Oh fuck. I can feel, feel it cum…cumming up my…Oh fuck Mom, I'm, I'm gonna…I'm gonna fill your tiny pant…pannnntieeeesssss." The slit of his cock parted to the thickness of a pencil as a continuous rope of hot cum shot upward like a hard piss. Like a fire hose, his cum sprayed violently against her panties, causing them to dance wildly above his spurting cock. It was obvious to her that he had done this a few times before, as he expertly used his stroking hand to catch the excess cum that spilled from her sagging panties. Tim plowed his fat cock through the puddle of creamy cum that continually poured into his open hand. "Oh fu, fuck Mom! See wha, what your sexy ass did to my fat cock!" she heard him say while secretly staring at the cum flinging from the base of her son's swinging balls.

She was convinced that his orgasm had finally ended after he had hosed her silky panties with more than a cup of his cum. Much to her surprise though, her horny boy lowered the panties to the head of his cock while grunting, "See what you…oh fuck…there's mo…more Mom! I'm gonna fill, fill 'em up with my…my cu…cuuuummm!" he moaned while spraying a second powerful stream across the lining of her panties. "Oooooh, oh fuck yeah, that's it, fuck, fuck me with your sexy panties!" he screamed as he fumbled to wrap the drenched panties around the end of his erupting cock. "Tell…tell me you want…want me to fuck you up your little ass!" he stuttered as he launched stream after stream of sticky cum into her soaked panties. "Oh yes Tim, please fuck my ass," she responded. "I'm, I'm shoot…oh fuck…feel it Mom, I'm shooting up your asshole! " he cried as straying jets of scalding cum spattered on the floor around him.

Saturday Afternoon…

" Did you find it?" she asked as she squatted between her sixteen-year-old son's parted legs. "It's really hard…to get to Mom," Tim said as he struggled to reach the leaky drainpipe. "Not yet," she whispered. "What's that Mom?" he asked. "Oh Nothing." Twisting and turning, he had managed to fit his upper torso through the small opening of the kitchen cabinet. "There, that's better," he said as he propped his head against the back wall. With his legs spread wide and his ass resting at the edge of the cabinet base, his mom was now face to face with the colossal package that hung between his skinny legs. Flimsy cutoff sweat pants and a jock strap were hardly appropriate, but they were the clothes he usually wore around the house. Besides, the jumbo-sized jock strap was the only to keep his abnormally large cock from dropping through the opening of his pant legs.

"That looks so…so uncomfortable Tim," she said while gawking at his scantily clad crotch. "It's a little tight, but I think…I think I can still get up there" he said not knowing that she was referring to the way his cock and balls were begging to be freed from his tight jock strap. He couldn't see her face, so he had no idea that she was staring at the fullness of his limp, yet massive cock. She was awestruck at how its girth completely filled his jock strap. Her stare followed his crotch as he shifted onto his left side, and with his right knee pointing upward, he gave her the perfect profile view of his salami-sized cock and big hairy balls. "Oh fuck!" she moaned out loud. "You okay Mom?" Tim asked. "Ye…yeah, I'm…yeah, I'm just fine," she replied. "It's fucking huge," she whispered under her breath.

Tim overheard "huge," and it suddenly occurred to him that while his mom was poised between his spread legs, she was sure to see that his fourteen-inch cock was barely held in place by the over stretched jock strap. He wasn't sure, but since there was no water under the sink, he suspected that his mom had staged a leaky drainpipe. If she had faked a leak to gawk at his cock, did that mean she wanted to fuck him too, he thought. If there was ever a chance of getting into his mom's hot panties, it was now. Tim acted quickly, and while pretending to look for the leak, slumped lower into the cabinet. While stretching across its base, he lifted his ass upward. His cock was a fraction of an inch from his mom's knee when he asked, "Is it big Mom?" "Wha…what!" she exclaimed. "Is it big? You know Mom…is it a big leak?" he asked he brushed the side of his cock against the inside of her knee. "It's real…oh God Tim…I'm, I'm sure, sure it is, but I…" she said stopping at the moment his cock nudged her knee a second time. She knew exactly what her son wanted to see, and little by little parted her legs to reveal her shapely thighs and panty-covered cunt. "It's right in front of you," she said calling his attention to the ultra sheer fabric that stretched tightly across her hairy pussy. "Isn't this what you've been looking for?" she asked while arching her pussy into the end of his dick.

"Oh fuck Mom, I'm, I'm getting, I mean looking hard," he said as his cock began to stir. "It's okay Tim. You can look as long as you want," she replied. The thin edges of her wet pink panties were highlighted against her tan skin and the darker fabric that covered her thick black bush. He looked for the longest time, drooling over the tiny tufts of hair that delicately peaked under the sides of the wet sheer fabric. "Are these your favorite Tim," she asked while teasingly rocking her knees apart. Tim knew exactly what she meant. They were the same panties he had flooded with his cum the night before.

"I'm…I'm sorry Mom, it's just that I…I can…I can see…" he said trying desperately to find the right words to explain his sprouting cock. "My panties," she interrupted. "Are these panties giving you a hard-on Tim?" she teased while scooting above his swelling cock. "Yea…yes Mom. I get a hard…hardon when you, you tease me with your panties. I just…I can't…I can't help it," he said apologetically as his cock continued to expand under her outstretched legs. "It's okay Tim. There's nothing to be ashamed of. You have the most…oh fuck its getting so big Hun. Please make it as big as it was last night?" she asked while seductively squatting her panty covered cunt above his dick. "You, you know about last night?" he asked. "Oh yes Tim, and your big cock made me, oh it made me so horny. I mean, you, you completely filled my panties, and no one has ever done that before. God knows no one will either." A sudden state of shock came over him and he said, "Mom, did you…did you hear what I…" "Ooooh yes!" she interrupted, "that was my favorite part. I said yes you know. I said yes because I wanted to feel your cock spreading my little asshole."

By now his jock strap was uncomfortably tight, so much so that the straps holding it in place were stretched tightly between the cheeks of his ass. Staring at the swelling bulge she asked, "Do you really want to Tim?" "Wha, what Mom?" he replied. "Fuck your mom in the ass?" she said. "Plea, please Mom, but, but can I…" "Yes Tim!" she interrupted, "You can fill my panties again, but only if I'm wearing them this time." she said. "You mean I, I, I can…he stuttered. " Yes Tim. I'm gonna spread my legs really wide and while you cum real hard on my panties, but only as long as you promise to cum like you did last night. Please Tim, promise me you'll fill these panties again," she plead. "I, I promise Mom!" he replied.

"This looks about right," she said as she led her son to the edge of the kitchen table. Hiking her spandex skirt to her waistline, she scooted her ass onto the tabletop. "Are you sure Mom? Is this what you really want?" he asked as he placed her hand onto the tip of his straining cock. "Oh please, please take it out Tim. I've waited so, so long for this," she begged as she reached to free his cock and balls. Tim helped his mom by prying his cock from the snug fabric of his jock while eyeing the mound between his mom's legs. "Oh my god! It's so…and your balls, my god they're so fucking big!" she exclaimed when they dropped to his legs. "Are you really, really sure Mom, cause you can't keep teasing me with this?" he said while lifting the heel of her leg to the tabletop. The edges of her bushy cunt parted well beyond the "V" of her tiny panties. Tim instinctively began stroking his cock while staring at the wet spot between her outstretched legs. "Fuck that looks so hot! I, I can't believe I'm, I'm actually gonna shoot on your cunt Mom." he said while staring at the hair poking through the edges of her outstretched panties. "Oh please Tim, please do what you did last night. Please fill my panties with your cum," she begged.

"That's it, get ready to shoot it all over my panties!" she yelled as he aimed his cock at her panty-covered mound. "Oh Mom! I can't believe I'm, I'm…I'm gonna cum…all over your pant…your panties!" he stuttered as the head of his cock catapulted off the crevice of her tiny cunt. "Here Tim. Shoot your cum right here. Empty your big balls right here!" she ordered while humping her pink panties into the end of his dick. "Here it…here it cu…cums Mom…meeeeeee!" he screamed as his fuck juice rushed through the length of his 14-inch cock. His cock erupted like a water gun, firing a steady rope of scalding cum onto her open crotch. "FUCK …OH FUCK!" she screamed, as her son's sticky cum spattered non-stop against the front of her panties. She was speechless for what seemed like an eternity as the spray of his hot cum wedged the tight fabric of her panties between the folds of her slippery cunt. More than ten seconds had passed before the stream subsided. By then his fuck juice had completely saturated the front of her panties, so that it was pouring like a river into the crevice of her tiny ass.

"There's mo…more," he grunted as he fired a second wave of cum between her widespread legs. "I don't be…oh fuck…shoot, shoot it here Tim," she said in disbelief while stretching her panties away from her pussy. "Fill 'em up. Fill my panties!" she begged. Bucking uncontrollably, Tim speared the folds of his mom's hairy pussy with stream after stream of cum. "AAAAAgggghhhhh!" she screamed in delight. "Fuck yeah," he yelled as he lowered his aim to her puckered asshole, "that, that's ne, ne, next!" he stuttered as his orgasm intensified. "I'm…I'm really cum…cumming in my mom's panties!" he cried as jettisons of spunk splashed into the lining of her panties. When his orgasm had finally subsided, both Tim and his mom stared in disbelief at the volume of cum that had completely filled the seat of her panties. Strings of cum draped from the edges of her outstretched panties and cling to the tufts of hair surrounding her drenched pussy.

"FUCK TIM! You did it, you…you filled my panties with your fuck sauce," she said excitedly while stretching her pink panties closer to his face. "It's so hot and slippery," she as she scooped a teaspoon of his cum from the front of her panties. "Sweet and…oh…so creamy too!" she said as her tongue reached out to grab the long string dangling from her fingertip. The sight before him was overwhelming. His mom's legs were spread as far as they could go and a curtain of cum ropes were hanging from the edges of her panties. The cum that wasn't pushed over the table's edge by her gyrating ass clung to the bottom of her weighted panties. "That looks so good fucking delectable Mom," he said as he leaned over to tongue the cum from her tiny asshole. "Oh you nasty boy," she said while lifting her asshole to his probing tongue. "Oh, you're such a nasty boy. So you like that?" she asked. "Here then, this is for you," she said while sliding to the table's edge. "Put your mouth under my…yeah that's it," she said as he lowered his mouth to the lining of her panties. "See what you did!" she said while dumping the cum from the ass of her panties. He eagerly swallowed the flood of syrup that ran from her dangling panties. "Keep that up and you'll have my ass quicker than you think," she said as he dipped his tongue into the crotch of her panties. "First, let's get it nice and slippery!" he teased while feeding wads of cum into her puckered asshole.