Mom's Tits


    I was only five years old but I must have had some damn active things going on in my system! For quite awhile I had the habit of waiting until my dad left for work and then I would make a bee line for my mother's bed. I guess I knew a good thing when I saw it. Mom never seemed to protest my cuddling up next to her on those early mornings and surprising enough she never seemed to mind my insisting on sucking her tits. Mom's tits were magnificent! She was wasn't overly heavy but her tits were huge; the kind that had large, brown circles around inch long nipples and hung down to her navel. My grandmother lived with us and all I can remember is her insisting that Mom put an end to my nursing. That apparently was the end of titty time for me, at least for a few years.        In the intervening years my sexual desire not only did not wane but increased beyond any normal expectations. I must have been seven years old when I remember most of the peeking in on Grandma and Mom. I tried everything damn I could possibly do to catch them naked, short of coming right out and asking for it. I peeked through key holes, barged into the bathroom, and even hid in the closet until I was caught trying to see Grandma undress. Finally one day when I was about eight years old, I was able to spy on Mom and Dad in bed from outside their bedroom window. It was a hot summer night and with no air conditioning in those days, the window was open. I could not only see beneath the partially drawn shade but I could hear every word of their conversation. Dad was on his knees sucking Mom's cunt while he pumped Mom's mouth with his large cock. Every now and then I could hear a slurping sound as Pop ate away. I knew Mom was sucking hard on his dick because he would let out with an "ouch" every now and then. I got real excited and took out my cock, which by then was hard as a rock, and started beating meat fast and furious. My mouth was drooling watching Mom getting fucked. Occasionally she took out Dad's dick long enough to encourage him on. She would almost yell "eat me...suck it! That really got to me! But what I'll never forget is when Dad came. I didn't know what an orgasm was at the time but I could clearly see Mom swallowing again and again and clearing her throat. That was an experience I never forgot and I think the motivating factor in my relationship with Mom.          Grandma passed on a few years later. At the age of 34 Mom was still quite attractive. She was plump with shapely and somewhat muscular legs, had a big, sexy ass and, of course those great melons. Nearly everyday since that fateful night I fantasized about fucking my Mom. At the age of 13,  I began to cook up schemes that would hopefully get me a lay with her.                                                                                                                   None of them seemed to be just the ticket. It was in June and school was out. Dad was sent to England on a business trip that would last at least two weeks. I knew it was now or never. I noticed within a few days of Dad's departure, Mom acted a little different but couldn't figure out what it could be. And then one night, as I lay in bed, I saw Mom across the hallway, standing in the dim light. Her transparent gown silhouetted her luscious figure as she stood near her doorway. I could see her slightly bent over, her huge tits swaying back and forth. It looked like she was fingering herself or sticking something in her twat. Maybe, I thought maybe she had her period and was sticking in a tampon. I got so fucking hot I began to beat my meat with a vengeance. I was sure she could hear me but I didn't give a fuck! In a minute, Mom stepped out of sight. I was so horney and excited that I was shivering uncontrollably. I became alarmed and went to Mom's bedroom. I told her I could not stop shaking. She looked at me as I stood there in my briefs with a hard on that jutted out like another leg. It must have been fate because Mom quietly told me to come closer. I sat on her bed staring at her gorgeous mounds half exposed. I wanted to bend down right there and then and suck her beautiful nipples into my mouth. To my surprise, Mom reached out and squeezed the bulge in my briefs. That was all it took. I looked at her with a pleading gaze and leaned over her. My hand went to the hem of her gown and quickly pulled it above her navel. She made no effort to stop me, as if she could. I think if she had tried I would have raped her to get what I was after. I clamped my mouth on her tit and began to suck hard, as if trying to draw milk from it. Mom's hands were on my head, rubbing my hair. As I began to kiss my way to her belly, I had only one thing in mind; I wanted to suck my mother's pussy. I wanted to smell and taste her juices. I remember thinking at that moment, I hope she is full of cum and cunt juice. Mom made no effort to stop me as I inched lower. In fact, I could feel her hands gently urging me on. She began to breath deeply and faster. I glanced up and saw how excited she had become. Her cheeks were red as fire and sweat covered her brow. Her hands trembled a bit. Now just an inch from what I have dreamed about for most of my life, I could smell her wonderful cunt. My mouth pressed tightly to it, I began to suck. I could hardly believe it was happening. I was actually between my mother's legs, eating out her sweet cunt. Lapped at it, I sucked, I nibbled, I sucked and I sucked drawing out every drop of her cunt juice I could eat. Mom began to pump my mouth and quickly let out a stream of words that spurred me on with a vengeance.


I kept sucking as her plump thighs squeezed my head. She pulled me tightly against her pussy, wanting me to suck harder. I even began to chew her cunt lips but it made no difference to her. She loved it. I turned around and straddled her, my throbbing dick, all 7 inches, touching her lips. Mom quickly pulled my cock into her mouth and began to suck it. As I remember seeing Dad do, I pumped my mother's mouth with my prick. Here I was, I thought, sucking my birthplace while I screwed my mother's mouth. In a few minutes Mom almost convulsed! She came, shaking and urging me to keep eating her as she sucked me.


My cock blew a fucking wad like I had never seen before! Right into Mom's mouth. She sucked even harder, squeezing my balls as she emptied my balls.

    For the next week, Mom and I fucked every night and morning, sometimes in the afternoon as well. When Dad arrived home, we had to slow down a bit but every chance I had, I fucked my mother like a loving son.