Teaching My Sister Betty


I grew up in a large family. There were mom and dad, my three sisters and myself. My oldest sister, Janice introduced me to sex when I was 13 years old. We were on a family campout and she caught me jerking off. Instead of telling my folks she taught me the ins and outs of sex. By the time I was 15 I was fairly experienced. I had fucked her several times each week and had had a neighbor girl or two. Janice's boy friend had given me some hard-core porn magazines. These depicted a brother and sister fucking and sucking. It was pretty hot. I had them hidden in my chest of drawers under some old socks.
My youngest sister, Betty was 13 that summer. She was very curious about things, but had not discovered Janice and me. She almost caught us once when we were in the garage but didn't see us behind the boxes where we were. Betty asked me to borrow my camera because she was going to summer camp. I told her she could have it. I had forgotten that it was in the same drawer as my porn collection. On the afternoon before she was to leave, I walked into my room and found her reading my porn books. At first I just stood there. Then she asked me if mom and dad knew I had these in my room. "No, " I replied, "and you had better not tell them."
"I won't" she answered, "I'm not a snitch. Speedy, have you ever, you know had sex with anyone? I mean, with another person?"
"Sure, it might surprise you who!"
I came back, "It wouldn't be right for me to tell you, but you know them very well."
Betty, who was only 13 was really beginning to fill out. She had brown hair and green eyes. Her tits were about the size of an orange, but showed promise for later. Her hips were filled out well and over all she looked delicious. As she looked at me, I began to imagine what it would be like to fuck her.
"Have you ever thought about doing it?" I asked. She blushed and looked back at the book. I noticed it was the one that told of brother and sister sex. At first I thought she would not answer me.
"I have at night, when I play with myself. It feels so good when I put my fingers down there. Have you ever thought about doing it with your sister like in the book?"
"Sure, I have. I have fantasies all the time."
"Which sister do you think about?" she asked.
I couldn't very well tell her I had been fucking Janice for the last two years before I talked to Janice. I sure didn't want that to end. So I answered, "Different ones at different times."
"Have you ever thought of doing it with me?" she asked. Little did she know I was thinking about doing it with her at that very minute.
"How would it make you feel if I said yes. Would it make you mad?"
She looked me right in the eyes and said, "No, it would hurt me worse if you said you never had thought about it with me."
"I have thought about all of you. Especially when I see you in that little blue swim suit." She had had that suit for a couple of years. It was too small but it was her favorite, so she wore it often. It showed off her developing body to its best advantage. In fact there were some parts of her that kept trying to get out. She smiled as I said that. She was wearing a pair of cut off jeans and a tank top. It really made her look good. I could feel my dick getting hard as I stared at her.
"I have thought about you when I was alone at night. I have never really been with a guy, but when I play with myself I imagine that the guys I know are with me and are playing with my pussy."
I had moved to sit on the bed next to her. As she looked back at the magazine I moved my hand to the back of her neck and began to rub. After a few minutes she said, "Mmmm, that feels good. Do you think brothers and sisters really do this kind of stuff?"
"Sure," I replied. She continued to read and I moved my other hand to her thigh and began to massage. I reached under her arm and began to play with the swelling of her tit as she continued to read. I held my breath thinking that any minute she would tell me to stop or get up and leave.
I eased my hand under the leg of her shorts and continued to rub. She spread her shapely legs apart a little so that I could move a little further up her thigh. As I eased my fingers under the elastic in her panty legs, she shifted a little. I froze for fear that she would make me stop. Instead she laid back on the bed and continued to look intently at the book.
I found her pussy to be cover thinly with hair. Her outer lips were swollen and she moaned a little and I continued to explore. When I found her clit, she jumped like she had been shocked. She grabbed my hand and asked me not to stop. I continued to rub until she began to spasm in orgasm.
"Wow, that was the best ever. Will you teach me about it all. I want to know everything."
"You bet," I told my little sister, "I'll teach you everything I know....."
About that time we heard mom in the hall. We quickly straightened up. Betty got up and took the camera, "See you later," she promised.
That evening the family had a farewell dinner for her. Betty was leaving for camp the next day. Just as we were finishing supper, my grandmother rang the doorbell and offered to take Betty to the camp from her home which was about 30 miles closer than ours. I was very disappointed.
Janice had a date that evening, so I had to settle for jerking off to the old porn mags in my drawers. I found the neighbors girl at home the next day and had a quickie with her. Still, I could not get Betty off my mind. She was gone for a week. So I began to make plans to get her alone the first night.
I found that mom and dad were entertaining that night at our home. Janice and Mary (my middle sister) were both going out with their boyfriends. I had to come up with a way to get Betty away from the house for a little while.
My parents were never very strict about us kids driving. We all drove from the time we were 12 or so. I asked mom if I could take Betty to the movie that night. There was a Beach party marathon showing at the drive-in. Mom thanked me for thinking of my little sister. (Little did she know what I was thinking about my little sister.) She gave us her permission to stay out until the movies were over.
Betty got home early in the afternoon. I told her about the folks' plans for the evening and what arrangements I had made. I suggested that she rest up during the afternoon, so that we could enjoy the evening. "I can hardly wait!!" Betty bubbled as she kissed me on the cheek and made for her room. I followed her there and as she began to unpack, I stepped up behind her and began to massage her breast.
We left about 8:00 o'clock and made for the local hamburger joint. Several of my friends ribbed me about having to baby-sit my sister. I knew what lay a head and they didn't. We left the hamburger stand and drove toward the edge of town and the drive-in. Instead of turning into the theater, I kept going. About 5 miles further on I turned into a private road and drove up to a hunting lodge owned by my family.
The lodge was not fancy, but had been a meeting place for Janice and I for the past two years. There was a air conditioner and a refrigerator. We had just gotten inside the door, when Betty turned and kissed me very deeply. Taken off guard, I was a little slow in returning it. She began to fumble with the zipper on my shorts. "Slow down, we have all evening. Mom and dad aren't expecting us until late. They will probably be asleep when we go in anyway."
We moved over to the bed and slowed down a little. It was hard to keep the intensity of this meeting down, but we controlled ourselves pretty well. We began to undress one another and soon I was looking at a beautiful teenage girl. Her body was perfect. The look in her eyes was so full of love and lust that I almost came just looking into her green eyes.
I continued to kiss her, but moved my kisses to her neck and finally to her orange sized tits. The nipples stood out like an eraser on a brand new pencil. I began to circle her nipples and she began to squirm as I gave her the attention she had longed for. My hand touched her love channel and she exploded in climax. I couldn't believe how hot my little sister was.
"I've been waiting for that since last week," she said. "I have been thinking about you ever night as I did myself."
"I'm glad, but the best is yet to come." As I moved to position my head between her legs, she let out a gasp. I began to kiss her inner thighs. As I moved closer to her womanhood she began to take really short breaths and to move into me. When I touched her knob with my tongue she really began to grind into my face. It wasn't long before she had cum again."
She asked me to teach her how to do that to a man. As she took my rod in her mouth, I could tell she was a natural. I had to warn her not to use too much teeth, but other than that she was a dream. It wasn't long before I came and came and came. She bravely tried to swallow my whole load.
We laid there holding each other for some time. After we had both recovered we began kissing again. Soon she pulled me on top of her and I entered her virginal pussy. I went slowly at first. I met resistance almost immediately. I backed off and slowly pushed in again. I felt her hymen tear, but she never cried out, she just held on tighter. We began to move slowly together. Soon we had reached a fuck speed that was challenging to keep up Soon we both stiffened as we reached the point of ecstasy together.
We stayed in the lodge most of the night. We slipped back into the house around 4:00 AM. Everyone was asleep. Parting with a good night kiss, Betty, whispered, "Let's do it again tomorrow"
Betty and I have maintained our relationship for 36 years now. We have both married. Mine was successful, hers was not. We still fuck each other at least once a week Each time we do, Betty whispers as she leaves, "Let's do it again tomorrow."