Anal Beth Cheerleader (MF, MM, anal)
Five Hours (MF, cheat, rom, anal) Surprise! (MF, anal)
First Time In (mf, teens, anal) Hotel Lass (MF, anal)
Made for Each Other (MF, romance, oral, anal (M), toys) When I Bring to You Coloured Toys (MF, romance, oral, anal (M), toys)
The Car Trip (MF, MFF fantasy, oral, anal (F), toys) A Daydream About My Husband (MF, romance, oral, anal (F), toys)
Married Life (MF, romance, oral, anal (F), toys) Sodomy (MF, rom, cons, anal)
Lisa, the Copier, and Me (MF, oral, anal) Every Day at Four: Erotic Confessions (MF, MMF, voy, mast, anal, bond)
Every Day at Four: The Meeting (MF, Rom) Victorian Seduction I (MF, anal, oral, bond)
Victorian Seduction II (FF, MFF, anal, oral, toys) The 'ABC' Plan (MF, oral, anal)
Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me (MF, oral, anal, toys) A Moment in Vietnam (MF, anal, asian, surprise)
Four Stories (MF mf MF MF rom anal) A Second Server (M+F+f bdsm exhib oral anal)